South Sound Region Veterinary Cardiologist

We offer mobile and out-patient examinations​

Which option works best for you?

1) Mobile Appointments

It may be possible for us to see your pet at your local veterinarian’s office.

These appointments typically involve:

1) Dropping off your pet in the morning

2) We will travel to the office to perform a complete cardiac evaluation on your pet

3) We'll discuss the findings with your veterinarian who will follow up with you.

Please contact your veterinarian’s office to inquire about a mobile visit.

2) Out-Patient Exams

If a mobile visit to your veterinarian’s office is not an option, we also see scheduled appointments on an out-patient basis at Olympia Veterinary Specialists (OVS).

Please call 360-464-1004 to schedule this appointment.

Please note: We are not currently accepting new patients for outpatient appointments at OVS. These appointments are reserved for recheck patients only..

The address for OVS is 902 Union Ave SE, Olympia, WA 98501.

Please call 360-464-1004 or
E-mail [email protected]
to schedule your appointment

Getting answers
is easy

Diagnose the Disease

We'll meet and talk through what's been going on with your pet. Then'll we do a full physical exam and evaluation to identify and diagnose the disease.

Develop the Right Treatment Plan

We'll review the results together and you'll know exactly what's going on. With accurate answers in hand, we'll discuss whether any further treatment is needed.
Then we'll follow up with check-ins, and other simple tests, to make any needed adjustments along the way.

Get Back to Living Your Life

With a plan in place, and your questions answered, you'll be able to get back to living life with your pet. You'll rest easy knowing that you're giving your pet the best treatment possible.

Get the time & personal care your pet deserves

Get peace of mind with a treatment plan in place

Help your pet live a longer, healthier life

You have done more than we could have ever expected.  We appreciate your kind words and reassurance. Your compassion and understanding is unparalleled and you are a testament to your profession.

Tom and Nancy D. “Eddy”

“Thank you again for your diagnostic input regarding my Doodle, Oscar. While I was sorry that we had to meet under such circumstances, you will be put on my list of ‘favored vets.' I count myself lucky to have you on Oscar’s team. You have a true dedication to your canine patients. You also handle the ‘concerns’ of owners with understanding and compassion.”

Anne S. with “Oscar”

Please call 360-464-1004 or
E-mail [email protected]
to schedule your appointment